Homemade tools that will quickly help your child get rid of colds

Parents do not want to immediately give potent medicines, especially small children. You also do not have to - have a lot of home remedies that help cough, runny nose and throat pain. This article represents the most important and prompt when you need to consult a doctor with a child.

Lowned nose, throat pain, feeling of fatigue - influenza-like infection or cold harmless, but annoy. Not only adults, but also children. They feel bad, capricious and do not want to observe the bed regime prescribed by their parents.

Strong medications are usually not needed. Therefore, many parents do not want to immediately give the child potent medicines or even antibiotics to combat cold. Usually there is no need. The medicine can ease the symptoms, but the child will survive the infection of influenza only in seven or ten days. Parents should also be given to a sick child antipyretic drugs only at elevated temperatures up to 39 degrees Celsius.

Homemade means for small patients.
Little patients also need to contact the pediatrician only if the real flu is suspected. In the meantime there are many home remedies that gently remove the symptoms of the cold:

1. Chicken Soup: Strengthens the Immunist System.
Our moms and grandmothers treated us with warm chicken soup, and they were right: researchers from the medical center University of Nebraski USA found that cysteine ​​protein contained in it strengthens cells, counteracts inflammation and repels viruses. Heat hot soup kills viruses sensitive to heat. Couple moisturizes the nasal mucosa and clears the respiratory tract again. The zinc contained in the chicken is struggling with pathogenic microorganisms and strengthens the immune system.

2. Low syrup: helps from mucous cough.
Low juice - a natural disinfectant. Luke essential oils also have antino and expectorant action. It is useful to know: the more hot onions, the more useful ingredients in it. Therefore, the onion syrup helps well from an unpleasant mucous cough. To do this, simply cut two or three bulbs with cubes, cover them with a small amount of honey, cover with a lid and leave for about five hours. Then push the mass through the fabric and collect juice. Take one teaspoon every two hours during the day.

3. Onion bags: relieves pain in the ear.
Many children especially suffer from pain in the ear during a cold. Onions also helps here: Fresh onions cut into cubes and heat in a frying pan for a long time to develop essential oils. Then simply wrap the bow with a clean cloth, put the bag on the ear and secure the hat or the bandage on the head. Parents must wear such a bag to their small patient three times a day for about an hour. The method is effective, but the smell is slightly unpleasant. You have free video passes available! Use them before they expire https://porno-sex.cam/ free live porn chat with thousands of girls that are online all the time.