Cosmetics for girls (part 1)

Cosmetics-care can and should be used at any age.
Cosmetics for girls (not decorative) can buy babes at the discretion of their parents. But it is better if it won't be before the six-year-old age. 3. Detarative cosmetics (more about it will be discussed later) should be bought, again, at the discretion of parents, but better, if the child is already more than 10-12 years old.

Body care and haired hair.

Now let's stop on cosmetics for girls, which is designed to care for the skin and haired.

There are so many diverse funds on the market! These are creams with sequins, and flavored gels for the shower, and powder with glitter. And about the huge number of shampoos and rinsers, it is not even worth talking. Does it all this child?

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of advantages in such cosmetics.

With it, you can learn the girl to personal hygiene, and, to do it all the procedures will be fun and interesting.

In addition, thanks to personal cosmetics, which no one, besides the child, has no right to use, a sense of property and respect for someone else's property (cosmetics of parents) will be formed. The child will leave numerous agents for the care of adults in the end.

Different jars and tubes in merry pink tones in stores full full. Presented products and slightly more expensive, and slightly cheaper, so much the maiden cosmetics will not hit the wallet.

But there are cosmetics and some minuses.

And the main one is her unnecessaryness.

Unfortunately, without most tools, the child can do completely calmly.

Yes, of course, the hair will not be so smooth, and the skin will not shift with all the colors of the rainbow, but the child's satisfied life is not particularly and necessary.

At the same time, because from time to time you want something so shine!

The hair of girls are often long, especially when they are already 5 or more years. And behind them really needed additional care. This is a softer shampoo (why should he be not just kindergarten, but for girls for girls?), And a gentle hypoallergenic rinser.

Such cosmetics will help greatly alleviate the combing of children's hair, to warn their electrical.

In addition, it will be much easier to do hairstyles. Girl in this case will always look carefully.

Therefore, cosmetics that is designed to care for the body and hair of crumbs, we will rather say "yes."

After all, it is quite harmless and benefit from it more than harm. The child is also interesting and the process itself, and the result. The baby is taught to personal hygiene, care for himself, its body and hair. It ceases to pay increased attention to parent cosmetics. She appears another pleasant occupation.

Decorative cosmetics. Sooner or later…

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