Summary for the trainer on how to make the most of the short form

Whether you are looking for a job for the first time or you have upgraded your qualifications and now want to try out a new position, either way you will start with writing a CV. We tell you and show you a Resume Example for Baseball Coach that will catch your eye and help your employer fully appreciate your qualities and skills.

Be precise and concise

An HR manager looks at hundreds of CVs a day and only takes a few minutes for each one. In such circumstances, only manage to attract interest if you can briefly and clearly set out the main information about yourself.

Write a CV for a specific position and describe your experience in terms of the requirements of the position. If your skillset is broader and you want to let the employer know about it, include it as a separate paragraph at the end of your resume and just refer to it in the body of the resume.

For example, if you are applying for a baseball coaching position, but you are also a professional athlete, coaching and teaching, and you are certified as a gym trainer, certified Pilates trainer, aerobics trainer and have completed a first aid course. In this case, write everything related to baseball and first aid training in the main body of the document, and include the other certificates in an annex.

In the "Education" and "Previous jobs" columns, only write what is relevant to your purpose.

Do not embellish

"Excessive" knowledge and skills in your resume may increase your chances of getting an interview. But they"ll backfire on you in the first few days of the job.

If you lack education or specific knowledge, but there is a burning desire to work in this area, it is better honestly write about it a couple of lines in the cover letter.

Have your references ready

Ideally, this is a written recommendation from your previous supervisors, indicating their positions and phone numbers. If written references are not possible, you should include the contact details of your former employers.

Be prepared for a potential employer to contact your former management to check your references and your qualifications. So don"t misrepresent the facts about achievements and problems in previous jobs.