Typhon Cache in Borderlands

Going from the speed of rapid movement, come to the first room with enemies. Hold the right and descend the stairs. Piece of lining lies on the table. In the second room with enemies, look to the left. First magazine on the wall. Having passed on the conveyor belt, go to the next room and turn left to the bathroom. Next to the sink is the second magazine.
We pass the arena with Aurelia and go out into the garden. Turn the right to the greenhouse-solarium and keep the right side. Jump on the stairs and go along the pedestrian bridge until you reach the last magazine. On the northwestern side of the board there is a waterfall. Go through it, nourishing, and come to the shelter of the Typhon. Starting the path from the speed of fast movement, deepen into the board until we pass through the huge steel gate and do not get into the camp with fanatics. Go down to the lowest level, holding the left side. In the middle of the valley you will find an open passage with a red light inside. Go there and go down to find a piece of iron on the wall of a small room.
Coming out with a huge Arena, where we fought with the boss carnivor, heading to the right, to the structure covered with damaged tarpaulo. Turn to the right in front of him, we run out and jump from the boulder to jump into the visible passage. In it we find the transmitter console. Walking from the speed of fast movement, we pass a huge metal gate and go a little further. Entering the camp with the fanatics buildings, turn the right where at the end of the way you will find the first magazine.
Shortly then we reach the elevator and climb the lower level of location. Immediately after the exit you should see the stairs to the right. We climb on it upstairs, go ahead and jump on the canopy. There is a second magazine. The last magazine is located on the northwestern edge of the arena. Next to the destroyed wooden fence you will find a small cave with a desired record.
Typhon's cache is on the left of the entrance to the huge arena, behind a huge tank. Through the board, we will finally come out. Before we return to the vehicle and fight with the mini-boss The Tink-Train, on the left side we will find the conveyor belt with a broken nonsense.
In the northern part of the map, beyond the place where we found the first Tiffon magazine, there is a camp of fanatics on the hill. At its end we find a huge antenna. To get to his console, you need to jump into containers from the eastern side of the antenna, and being under the antenna itself - jump into the dynamics pole. The jump seems difficult, but it is enough to take advantage of the possibility of pulling up the edge of the platform to be safe to be on top. From there we jump to the roof of the building and our console. udenlandske casinoer