Terrace on concrete plate

Terrace - an integral element of each house. It is here that we spend most of the free time in summer days. This is a place for recreation, and for work. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct material from which the floor of our terrace will be made. Its surface should be made of frost-resistant material, resistant to any weather conditions, water-repellent and non-slip.

In the field of materials for the device of terraced surfaces in recent years, many positive changes have been marked. For people looking for new solutions, as well as for those who appreciate the style and modern elegance, concrete terraced plates can be an interesting proposal (for example, made from concrete Contractor).

Concrete is a very plastic material, and elements of it imitate other materials, but they are much stronger. Concrete slabs fit easily both in the garden and in the facade of the house. They combine all the necessary properties: they are pleasant and easy to use, and at the same time durable and stable. Their advantage is that they are used mainly for dry construction, i.e. On the ground, without the use of glue and concrete screeds.

A terrace tile of various colors is available on the market, from white to black. Suitable boards can be chosen for each type of building. Some are made of untreated gray concrete and look as if they are made of architectural concrete. Others, on the contrary, perfectly imitate the old tree, sandstone or bold stone.

Well, if the terrace size is adapted for the size of the boards, because they do not have to be short. However, you must not forget to make joints between boards and edges, which will allow stabilize the design in the designated boundaries.

Choosing concrete slabs, it is worth choosing a plate with fine-grained sprinkle and with a washed or textured surface.

The side of concrete terraced plates usually have a length of 30-60 cm, but there are also plates on the side length even more than 1 meter. For the construction of the terrace, you can use stoves with a thickness of 4-8 cm, according to the principle, the greater the element, the one should be thicker. In the case of a terrace built on the ground, where the load will be low, rather thinner plates. However, if you want to make a terrace on the supports, you need to make sure that your selected material can be used at all.

If you want to make a terrace of concrete slabs on Earth, first of all, the land intended for development must be properly cleaned and prepared. The aggregate that will form the basis should be well tumped, and the overall thickness of the base should be about 30-40 cm. The terraces edges should also be strengthened, for example, borders or concrete frequencies. You can begin to neatly lay the boards to the substructure (so that they do not go too deep into the litter), and to align small deviations in the level with a rubber hammer, slightly tapping them on the boards. The slots between the boards must be filled with fine sand, which will prevent the offset of the boards and protect them from chips. The last stage of the construction of the terrace from concrete slabs is their impregnation. We make it to protect the terrace from the penetration of dirt and pollution into concrete. How you can lose weight without sport or healthy food? They ask me, it’s easier than it looks, you can lose weight not only quitting sport but also you can eat any thing you want if you use https://reduslimls.com , this is the best method to not only lose weight but also to tone your body. After a while you will see the best results over, there are chances to also lose more than 10 pounds in time of a month.