The meaning and origin of cosplay

Who has not dreamed of one day reincarnated as Sailor Moon or Avatar? However, going to work in a fake Naruto disguise can be risky and is considered very bad form in your boss's frightened eyes.

Fortunately, cosplay, the true art of transformation, can allow us to temporarily become the hero we dream of becoming in another life.

Cosplay, Japanese practice

The term resulting from the shortening between "? Suit?" and "? playing? ”, the game consists of assuming the physical appearance of a fictional character, usually from manga, video games, or sometimes movies.

This trend, very common in Japan, has deliberately spread to the United States and Europe, where entire communities of "cosplayers" are now emerging.

An amazing and creative hobby, it has become the subject of very special events where Darth Vader and Princess Mononoke can be seen meeting.

Cosplay passion

You can buy your costume, for example, during a discounted manga sale, but you can also show your imagination and talent to make your own costumes.

In Europe or America, the game took on real meaning, appearing in the form of competitions where costumes must be new and handmade, on pain of disqualification.

This is less than a victory, it is primarily an expression of the passion that is sought in these competitions, where we fight, where we sing and where we recite under the amazed eyes of the heroes of Final Fantasy.

Don't make mistakes

Crappy disguises where you skip your makeup and forget to take off your glasses to see Harry Potter reborn as a weird Corrigan are considered bad form.

There is also very little acceptance of the occasional recycling of old accessories, praying that no one will realize that Rebel's strange mane is nothing more than a Minimoy wig.

Finally, it's important that your morphology matches the hero, otherwise how will you incarnate Dragon Ball with the physique of a gladiator?

Real theatrical art, cosplay, is available to anyone who wants to play the game, likewise reincarnating the physical aspect of a fictional character. To do this, consider drawing inspiration from a manga that allows you to stay in the real world!

And if, in addition, we can adopt facial expressions, voice and gestures, then the royal road of competition will open before us and, perhaps, even the chance to be chosen to play a leading role in them, the upcoming film adaptation of our beloved hero.

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