Turkey Cappadocia, Cave Cities

When they talk about Turkey, first of all, it is thought of resort cities, such as Antalya, Kemer, is in the south, on the Mediterranean coast. If we remember the West, then it is Bursa, Izmir and Kusadasi, the Marmara Sea. In the north of the city, located on the coast of the Black Sea, Samsun, Sinop and Trappon. And what is known about Central Turkey? Very little….
Interesting mountain landscapes, open-air museums and underground, ancient settlements and cave cities. All this is capadokia, "Country of beautiful horses", this name is translated. There are places associated with modern cinema. Traveling with the guide, you can see mountain ranges, places of filming of such films as a "Ghost Rider", in the lead role with Nicholos Cage, and "Star Wars. Part 4.
One of the most popular, is the open-air museum in the city of Görta. Here is a large monastery complex. In order to get around it, it will take more than one hour and it is desirable to start a tour early in the morning, to avoid the influx of visitors. There are many rooms in the rocks in the rocks. Some of them resemble residential, some are similar to the premises in which animals contained. In churches and chapels on the walls of the ancient drawings and frescoes.
What else is a remarkable journey through Cappadocia? Some mountain ranges in this area resemble huge mushrooms. These landscapes of volcanic origin have acquired such interesting outlines in the process of weathered.
Another landmark is Canyon Mialar, a length of 13 kilometers. Several hundred thousand years ago there was a river, thanks to which this canyon was formed. At present, a mountain stream with clean and cool water takes place along the bottom of the canyon. The cliffs of the canyon are also the ancient settlements and churches. Charter after a long walk along the bottom of the canyon, you can relax in the cafe, which are located along the coast, and some seats are organized directly in the middle of the stream.
Hotels in this area can be directly in the cliffs. Rooms with balconies are cut down in Mount, in several floors. For those who are used to ordinary hotels can also find accommodation in the shower.
The best time to visit Cappadocia can be called a period from the middle of the spring before the start of summer. In winter, the climate in this region is rather harsh, in the midst of the summer opposite, very hot.
Traveling through this area will leave unforgettable impressions and a lot of positive emotions and of course a lot of colorful photos. 4. Today you can find them in various forms and variations, with a number of available games and prolonged entertainment. Online casinos are better than brick and mortar venues and there are many reasons for such opinion. To learn more about the benefits of online casino sites, you can read this article until the end.