Q. Do you do installations?
A. We are a rental company and do not install the items that you rent.  For chiavari chairs there is a installation crew only for chairs.  For chair covers/bands see the Full Service page for more information.  These crews only take responsbility for these items.  All other items must be picked up and returned by customer.

Q. Do you accept Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit cards?
A. We do not accept Visa/Mastercard Debit as payment or as security for your rental.  A valid Credit Card is required for all rentals.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Debit, Email Debit and Cash as forms of payment.

Q. Is there a standard banquet hall chair?
A. No, there is no standard chair in the industry.  Some venues have 30" high chairs and others up to 45" high chairs.  Ask them for the height of the chair to determine which style fits the best.  We are not able to cover Bistro Chair.   The lycra chair covers will fit a folding chair..

Q.  How far in advance should I book my chair covers.
  There is no defined time required as it is first come first served.  Most times we can fill requests the same day, but you should book in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can always adjust your numbers so just provide you best estimate.

Q.  I don't have my final count of guests yet what do I do?
.  Your final numbers are not due until 2 weeks prior to your pickup date.   Give us your best guess when making your original reservation and keep us updated if there are changes by phone or email at your convenience.

Q.  I read the rental terms - What stains don't come out?
  Natural stains are fine, we can get out almost anything natural (Ie. red wine, blood, food, etc...)   Some things that cannot be removed are Highlighter, the liquid inside of glow sticks, pen marks, permanent marker and fabric dye. 

Q. When can I pick up my chair covers?
  Early pick up is FREE.  If your event is on a weekend, you can pick up as early as Thursday.  If you need to pick up earlier simply inform us and we will work with your time frame as best we can. We are open 9-4pm Monday thru Saturday.

Q. How long does it take to put on chair covers, is it hard?
It is really easy to put them on, no training is required. It takes about 40 minutes to put on 100 chair covers for 1 person.   4 people would take 10 minutes to put on 100 chair covers.  Lycra/Ruched will take about 50% longer.

Q. How can I book my chair covers?
You can book them online, over the phone, by email or come directly into the showroom.

Q. Can I view the chair covers?
  Yes, you do not need an appointment, please come in at your convenience.

Q. How much room will the chair covers take up in my car?
 Depending on the style but a good estimate for the bella style (which takes the most room) is as follows

A small car with the trunk and back seat can hold about 200 chair covers.
A mid size car can hold about 250.
An SUV can hold about 350.
A mini van can hold about 600.
Again this is assumed that the trunk and back seats will be empty and/or folded down.
They are loaded flat into your vehicle in regular poly bags, not in boxes or containers.